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millitntanimist & tenderfoot & BenMax:

Thanks for the insight. As stated in the last post, I will give specific examples of what our little guy is like.

The main issue is incessant barking.... but here it goes.

A) As mentioned, he goes crazy whenever some walks by the window, especially when there is a dog, or if a cat of squirrel is seen outside. He will bark a lot, and I mean a lot. Also hairs on his back will stand up. He usually grabs a toy (or sometimes a shoe), whatever he can get his teeth on and shake it around and sometimes throw it - surprising how hard he can throw things sometimes. He doesn't respond to NO, or a squirt bottle type of correction. I think for a while, my wife would grab him, and hold him and take him away from the window.

B) If my parents come over, or the pizza delivery guy shows up, he will again bark uncontrollably. Again, I could squirt him until he is soaked and it wouldn't phase him.

C) If we have him outside (not in the fenced backyard) for a walk/pee, whatever... if another dog walks by, it is instant - go crazy - bark - try to lunge at the other dog or person. Sometimes he tries to "hide" in the grass once he sees someone approaching from down the sidewalk before he starts his little tirade.

It seems the only time he doesn't "snap" is if he is exhausted from playing with the cats (or a family member who brings there little dog over sometimes), or running around a lot outside.

He isn't alone much (maybe 1 hr per day, at times a couple hours on the weekend).

He gets a fair amount of exercise and interactive time with us. He plays with the cats no problem, and they let him know when they've had enough (that can be quite funny). In winter - he does go outside much to run around, as it's been quite cold and very snowy this year (the snow is deeper than he is tall right now). I think a part of this is the result of him being babied by my wife. Letting him jump up whenever he wants, letting him lick (isn't that an "I own you" type of behaviour), etc.

He is only 2 years old, so I know we can "fix" these things, but it's been hard so far.

Is there any of questions I might be able to answer for our experts here?

We don't mind him barking once in a while, but we can't even talk to the neighbour outside without him going crazy the whole time. If he wants to bark to alert us to the idiots trying to climb our fence to pool hop at 2AM fine, we want that, but the other stuff is so frustrating.
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