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Originally Posted by PMFan View Post
both had dental in Jan 2011. max has 2 extractions.

below are the blood work results for both from the monday prior to friday dental. w/ previous for reference. i plan to start having BW done every 4 months.

BUN 46 / 39 / 45 [14-36]
CREA 2.7 / 2.7 / 3.2 [.6-2.4]
PHOS 4.8 / 4.7 / 4.2 [2.4-8.2]

MAX - JAN 11 / AUG 10 / NOV 09
BUN 49 / 32 / 40 [15-34]
CREA 3.5 / 2.5 / 2.4 [.8-2.3]
PHOS 4.5 / 4.1 / 4.5 [3.0-7.0]
LYMPH 10 / 5 / 20 [20-55]
URINE RBC 6-10 [0-5] - i just noticed -- blood in his urine - vet didn't mention this ... she said his P/C ratio was .2 = normal? even tho the report from the lab shows .2 is borderline proteinuric
Bloodwork is definately recommended every 3 or 4 months for kidney cats allows you to keep on top of any changes. Here is a spreadsheet to help track all the changes in bloodwork, just change the Reference Range values to match the ones the lab your vet uses. Chronological Lab Results in Excel Spreadsheet

Both phos numbers are good, Max does have a decrease in Lymphocytes which can be an indication of inflammation/infection. Rachel's BUN & Crea are not too bad, Max's I'd look into the urine RBC (see below) first before going to fluids, but they'd be on my list to speak to the vet about.

Has the vet mentioned Azodyl? Something to discuss with him/her, I had good results lowering both BUN & Crea with it.

Some vets will consider anything less than 0.5 Urine P/C ratio to be normal. I've also noticed many vets will not mention/not be too concerned about 1 borderline test but will wait until it's either consistantly out of range unless it's a big jump.

There is some talk about the benefits of supplementing Omega3 fatty acids to help reduce proteinuria, though the claims are unproven at this point. A small amount of say pure salmon oil or capsules may be helpful if you've noticed a dryness to Max's coat or if he's having hard dry poops.

Any WBC in the urine?

Have you noticed smaller than normal pee deposits in the litterboxes? (I realize this may be harder with 3 cats) Is Max showing any signs of frequent trips to the litterbox? Straining? Any peeing outside the box?

My I would have Max back into the vet for a cystocentisis, run a urinalysis with a note to the lab "culture if indicated", this will tell them to go ahead with a culture & sensitivity if there is the presence of bacteria without waiting for permission.

Male cats have a smaller urethra opening than girls do & are therefore more prone to complications with urinary crystals/stones. Rechecking the urine will allow for another look at the RBC count, urine pH & if any crystals or stones have developed.

Originally Posted by PMFan View Post
yes, i add water to canned.

i am going to buy some bonita flakes to see if that will encourage max to eat more. he won't eat more when i sprinkle the liv a littles (go figure?)

Ah those cats they can be picky eh?

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