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Lump Between Shoulder Blades

Hi Everyone,

I took my 5 yearold cat, Lily, to the oncologist Monday morning to have them look at a lump between her shoulders that had recently developed after getting a shot of Depo Medrol (she got the shot on January 12th). The oncologist said the results were inconclusive so she sent the sample to Oregon State University - I'm so nervous.

I've been reading up on Depo Medrol and was wondering if anyone else has had this same experience with their cat developing a lump at the injection site? I was told its somewhat common, but with that said how long until the lump goes away? Or does it need to be removed? Is there anything I can do for my cat in the mean time? She doesnt seem to be in any pain and her behavior hasnt changed I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything I possibly can for her if the lump is cancerous.

Thanks in advance.
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