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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
That's fabulous that you found a great vet that you like and who has a balanced approach. It can certainly be difficult! But I hope you realize that vets can not be experts at every single aspect of feline health, and nutrition tends to be the "expendable crew member".
Just curious, why does your vet think cats should eat some dry food?

The phosphorus levels in EVO are too high. Will it cause damage to your cats? We don't know. What we do know are the phosphorus requirements for normal healthy adult felines - about 70mg/kg of body weight per day. So if you have a 5kg cat (11 lbs), that would be about 350mg. EVO dry has 396 mg of phosphorus per 100 kcal. If the above mentioned 5kg cat is eating an average of 275 kcal/day of EVO, that's a whopping 1089 mg of phosphorus per day. More than 3 times the required amount. Now of course that will be a little less if you're also feeding wet food, but EVO has 612 calories per cup. So it would have to be a miniscule amount of EVO.

Should you feed a different dry food instead, one that has grains, in order to lower the phosphorus? Well I don't personally think that's a very good trade-off, considering all the problems we know carbohydrates can cause. But it's your choice.
You are certainly right! i'm very glad that I found him, did a lot of research...
As for the reason for the dry food, thanks to its composition the dry component completes wet food and helps keeping the cat’s teeth and gums in good health. Like if they eat a mouse, they eat ''wet part'' but also dry part (bones etc..)

They are about 10 pound each so here what they eat
1/4 cup per day of dry food = 150kcal
1/4 + 1/8 Wet food = 60-75 kcal
treats...yogourt, lightly cooked or raw chicken or beef, sardines (in water), salmon sometimes

so they eat about 225 kcal ...excluding treats. so dry food is a small part, that lowers the phosphorous content of just dry food....

thanks for the information about phosphorous requirement of an adult cat.

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