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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
You can find bone meal powder at a health food store. It can get costly so you might want to alternate between it and finely ground eggshell (you can use a mortar and pestle).

Yes, most likely. Don't add salt or kelp to his diet if he's on thyroid meds.

As for the cooking...I recommend you cook the meat separate from the veggies. Potatoes can be cooked with meat but other veggies should be steamed lightly then blended or juiced so that nutrients can be absorbed properly.
Thank you LP!! I was actually going to call you for advice lol. This is what I did for the first batch:

-Boiled the ground beef
-Boiled the liver
-Boiled the eggs
-Boiled the sweet potatoes
-Steamed the veggies

Then I threw the veggies, sweet potatoes and liver in the food processor and made what looked like a paste, then I added the ground beef. It almost looks like canned dog food lol. I checked a few health food stores here, but most of what they seemed to carry were all the "fad" products like cleanses etc. None of them carried the calcium carbonate and any calcium they had also contained extra things like vitamin d, etc. Not one of them carried bonemeal

The recipe does say I can use 1/2 tsp ground eggshell in place of the calcium carbonate or bonemeal. I'm thinking that's what I may have to do. Since I'm giving them both boiled egg daily it wouldn't be hard.
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