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Helpful hints for older dogs

My dog Mickey is 15 years old. I discovered 2 simple ways to make his life easier. Maybe they can help some of you.

During the night, Michey will jump on the bed to sleep and later on he will jump down, if he's too hot, to sleep on the floor. I started to see he would hesitate to jump on the bed when it's dark. The same thing would happen during the night when he wanted to jump down; he would get up and look down and sometimes walk on the side of the bed before getting off. I fixed that problem by plugging a night light on his side of the bed. Now he doesn't hesitate at all. He just needed a little bit of light to see clearly!

When Mickey wants to jump on the bed, he gives himself a few feet to be able to run up and leap on the bed. When he jumped down, I started to notice he would kind of slide on the linoleum floor. It also happened sometimes when he wanted to jump on the bed. Are his legs getting weaker? Is he sliding because of the fur under his paws? Are his nails too long? He never had trouble when he was younger and I keep his nails trimmed. I bought doggy steps and put them at the corner of the bed where Mickey jumps on and off the bed but I didn't leave them there long. I was afraid Mickey would crash into those steps when he comes running in the bedroom and tumble over them when he wants to get down.

So I had another bright idea. I bought a small non-slip carpet. It's on the floor where Mickey gets on and off the bed. It's a dark colour so it stands out on my pale floor. Mickey doesn't slide anymore!

A night light and a small carpet... That's all it took to help Mickey
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