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Still working on it

Still working on the food aggression... She was doing really well - laying down about 2 feet from where the cats were eating and I graduated her to having her lay down while I fed the cats out of "her" dish and once she was good with that, I would give her a sample from another dish so all 3 could enjoy the canned food. Last night, I had her within inches of one of the cats eating out of "Lucy's" dish and she nipped the cat and scared her away. Not sure if I am approaching this the right way or not. Another thing I should mention - Lucy seems to not have a problem if I pull the dish away while she is eating (she wont stop eating on command) but last night I reached under her belly as if to pick her up and she started to growl - what is that?

I guess I need to work with her more on the leave it.
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