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Originally Posted by JKC27 View Post
I am pretty certain after reading an article, and even watching Dog Whisperer, that this is a dominance (pack leader) thing that is causing the behaviours I mentioned. But still it has to stop somehow.

We want to go camping this summer with him, but can't if he does this. Last thing we need is for someone to get nipped, or have complaints about his barking all the time.
There is a very fine line between dominence and other issues. I think you better look more closely at it being possible fear aggression. This can be overlooked very easily as people think that the word 'fear' would mean that the dog is retreating which in some cases is not the case at all.

Maybe a behaviouralist may be a good option afterall in order to find out exactly what type of behaviours your dog is exhibiting. Unless you know alot about body language and what all signs actually mean - then seeking someone on the outside will be beneficial.

If you mis-diagnose exactly what types of behaviours and why this could actually can and will confuse the dog when you are trying to correct or help the dog overcome the behaviour.

Remember - when I say correct...again this is not to insinuate anything physical. Correcting can be done with absolutely no contact.
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