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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Mix it all together, cook, then freeze in individual meal sizes. I would try the bonemeal before the calcium, it is a much more natural source. Bone will also provide more nutrients, such as Magnesium. You don't need exact nutrients everyday, but an average over the week should be fine.

For my cats (they eat raw, though), I use medium size resealable bags to freeze daily amounts in, not sure if Nanook will need bigger sizes .

I didn't see any mention of iodized salt for their thyroid . Also, not sure if dogs are like cats, but cats don't get their Vit D from the sun, but from the skin of their prey, so not sure if you have to add a tiny bit of Vit D.

They will do much better on home cooked, then on any processed food .
Thank you L4H!! The diet didn't call for iodized salt... I wonder if she excluded it because he's on thyroid meds?
He still gets a multi-vitamin and an omega 3 capsule daily with his food.

I bought a Foodsaver and a food scale and have packaged his meals into daily amounts and froze them. I just found it easier to do it that way because everything had to be measured and weighed. They said this diet is good for Thorin as well, even with the colitis and calcium oxylate stones. So here's hoping!
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