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Originally Posted by PMFan View Post
thanks for the feeback/suggestions!

we have 3 cats so i'd have to quarantine them to get an accurate fluid intake measurement.

max has been on the lethargic side even before his numbers were elevated. he did seem more a little more alert after his dental which included IV fluids.

to me, the pinch test seems to indicate both are fairly well hydrated.
Ah I didn't know you have 3 kits, that may make quarantine a bit more interesting/difficult/(and depending on the cats) possibly stressful, to get a reading from each cat. If that wouldn't reasonably work, even measuring what all 3 combined drink in a 24hr period while not separating the cats would give an indication when there is an increase. That wouldn't tell you who but you might also notice a behaviour change that would tell you which one it most likely is.

Do you also have the BUN/Urea and phosphorus numbers for both cats?

When was the dental done? With the test 6 months ago or just recently with this latest test?

Originally Posted by PMFan View Post
max has been gradually losing weight for the past 3 years. he is down to 12# from 16#. he eats well if it's a food he likes. he is on both (non-CRF) canned and dry food. he loves raw turkey and liv a littles dehydrated chicken treats.
Are you adding a teaspoon or two of water to Rachel & Max's canned food? I would recommend it if you aren't already, this will provide a little extra moisture with slightly longer time to absorb because it's mixed into food. It's also recommended for all cats since they do drink so little & most of their moisture comes from canned food (unless fed a strictly dry diet which is not recommended for any cat).

How is Max with eating a canned he may not be particularily fond of but is dressed up w/treats in the food?

You can also always add a "treat time" to your day like before bed or something where they get a couple of teaspoons of raw turkey or canned food or some treats.

Kidney cats have a tendency to lose weight and also not want to eat because they don't feel well/no energy, they have no appetite/nauseous, etc so it's always good to encourage them to eat even if that means adding treat toppings to their meals.

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