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I have a cookbook, given to my mother as a wedding shower gift, it is from Watkins, and was printed in 1936. She has added several little notes in it, such as our ration numbers during the war.

Some of the recipes have only hot, warm, or cool, for heat, or a pinch of this or that, something the size of an egg. Since I learned to cook a lot like my grandmother, I can use this one without much difficulty. "size of an egg??? large, med., or small, or goose egg, etc. some are funny. is your pinch bigger or smaller than mine?

There are some notes that are made by my late father as well, his writing is very neat for a lefty. He was a cook for road crews, and in a restaurant, and those are marked as well.

I also have a scrap book cookbook and hints, that someone gave me, that they have cut out of newspapers, and glued in. I hope to, someday, type them out, and pass them on.

One book I have is the Puritan Cook book. We almost ran over it, and my late hubby stopped, picked it up, and have used some of the recipes in it as well.

I also have a recipe for cookies that was brought from Europe about 1880 or so, by my great grandmother. I have made those cookies a few times. Again no direct measurements other than the flour.

take care
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