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This is a little off topic. It's still about cookbooks, just not the old ones.

I was at a wedding shower last summer and the brides mother gave her a cookbook of family favorites that she made on a srapbooking website. She asked the women in her family to contribute their favorite recipe and then she would make a page with the recipe from an aunt and a picture of the bride to be with that aunt. Their family favorite breakfast recipe and a picture of the bride with her mom dad and sisters. That sort of thing.

She even had a picture of a great grandmother with a photograph of the recipe that she had written out by hand year years ago.

It was a great idea. Too bad they aren't a family of good cooks. A lot of the recipes were more a how-to on assembling store bought crust with canned chicken stew to make "home made" pot pie. Canned chili with instant potatoes for shepherds pie.
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