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well, I'm not following a diet per say, this is just stuff I've done on my own, so how good it really is for them is another story. Your diet is from a vet and includes veggies, and mine don't get any veggies or grains at all in their diet.
I get 8 - 10 patties out of one of those Costco packages of ground beef. I fry them on medium heat 5 minutes per side, so they are medium rare cooked. Some days they get a whole patty each mixed with roast beef, eggs and any other leftover meat I may have, other days they get a half a patty each mixed with cooked chicken thigh meat, roast beef and any other meat I may have leftover. Cheese, sardines and greek yogurt get mixed in a few times a week as well. I weigh nothing, I just eyeball what they're getting. You're doing it a whole lot more scientifically than I am.

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