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LoL ok, you give me hope clm!!
How do you cook the ground beef? I have been double boiling it. I know that's what you do when they have tummy troubles, so I assumed it would be the same for the diet

When the vet gave me the recipe I was a bit confused, and still am! I have several questions to ask when we go on Friday. The recipe gave a range of 8-12 ounces ground beef, 2-4 ounces liver, 2-8 ounces vegetables (including yams/sweet potato), 2-4 ounces yogurt. This is for a 40lb dog. Nookie is 110lbs now but she told me to adjust it for a 95lb dog (so double plus a bit).

The thing that confuses me is do I go by the lower end, or the higher end? I mean... 2-8 ounces veggies, thats a very big difference lol. And the other thing is with the meat... is it cooked or raw weight?

I've just been going by cooked weight and the high end of the amounts shown. I guess I'll find out for sure Friday
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