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Nanook and Thorin's new homemade diet

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get a butcher shop (or specific places maybe?) to sell you bulk ground beef? I have talked to a couple of places, but they don't seem to offer any breaks in price for large quantities

Currently I am buying ground beef from Costco (which has the best quality and lowest price). I didn't realize how expensive this is going to be, or how much work lol. But they'r worth it. I went and bought a Foodsaver Vaccum sealer with a few rolls of 11" x 10'. And I'm having a very hard time finding the Calcium Carbonate or human grade Bonemeal. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find either one?

This is the diet:


28 ounces of ground beef
4 ounces of liver
8 ounces yam or sweet potato
8 ounces green/yellow beans and peas
1 egg
1000mg calcium (calcium carbonate or human grade bonemeal)
6 ounces greek yogurt

This is a daily amount split in to 2 meals.
Thorins will be the same, but a smaller amount.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!

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