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Interesting thread pattymac, I have a hardcover cookbook that I got from my Grandmother. The title of the book: Electric Refrigerator Recipes and Menus. Specially Prepared for the General Electric Refrigerator.
Copyright 1927 and Third Edition, the cost of the book was $2.00.

There are what appear to be watercolor pictures of food and dishes. There are menus for family meals and bridge nights, informal luncheons and afternoon bridge.

Sample of a family dinner menu: Hot Bouillon in Cups, Cold Roast Beef, Delmonico Potatoes, Mashed Squash,Chilled Lettuce with Russsian Dressing, Apple Pie and Frozen Whipped Cream, Coffee.

This book hyas 144 pages full of information on how to feed your family and treat guests. patti
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