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Originally Posted by cassiek View Post
Thanks for the tips BenMax. We will keep an eye on her, and I agree that as she ages we let her dictate her doggie activities. We have noticed this winter is hard on her at times, so we really try to limit outdoors times (for all the dogs) and focus on indoor games.

Thanks again everyone for the tips!
It was actually a member here at Pets that warned me more so about the winter months. It was mentioned in passing by the vet, but a certain here drove it home to me in PM. Now I take extra precautions during those cold days. Infact, we no longer take extended walks with him. We have had to adjust our routine alittle by taking the younger dogs (3 of them) first and then return to take Spike out after. If I see any sign of slowing down or lagging behind, I know it's time to pick him up and head back. Also watch for the breathing and coughing.
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