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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
The echocardiogram is a visualization of the heart in action using ultrasound. The echocardiogram, interpreted by a cardiologist, is the best way to determine what the nature of the heart condition is. They are expensive though.
I would try to find a way to establish with a cardiologist and have this done. I would also have the kidney numbers checked too, if they haven't been done recently, since the kidneys can suffer when the heart is not circulating correctly.

While cardiologists will also vary in the drugs that they use, many will agree that they woudln't use Vetmedin too early, as in some cases it can speed up heart disease - it depends on what stage of heart disease your dog is in. And the supplements you might want would definitely depend on the type of heart disease, though I think CoEnzymeQ-10 is always a good heart supplement to add. Hyaluronic Acid might also help keep the tendons of the heart supple. I would be careful with Hawthorne.
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