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I waited a few days so I had some good news for everyone He seems to have bounced back a bit and though he's tired and his gums very pale he is fighting with the cats and eating a very modified diet from the original diet I put together.

I have been giving him rice, beef/chicken, chicken broth, vitamins, minerals, and metacam. On Thursday his stomach seemed settled so I added liver because his gums were so pale. Then yesterday I added a sardine, and so far so good, he's keeping all of it down and acting hungrier than he was.
I plan to add one thing a day as long as the previous day has been a good one. He also seems stronger, actually jumping up and chasing the oldest cat when he bugs him.

Thanks for the good thoughts @Scottiedog and @Maxalisa, I've continued to hold his bowl because my unused flower pots are buried in the garage right now and I can't get at them. But thanks for the great idea!

For now, things seem to be fairly good, we took him to the store the other night too, and he played in the snow a little. Surprisingly he seems strong despite the colour of his gums. He is also running up and down the stairs to get in and out of the house. Thank gawd we seem to have dodged the bullet again, though I was sure we wouldn't. It would be really nice if he continues to beat the odds. He has a few more lumps visible, but who knows what they are. I would love to take him back to the vet for a checkup but I'm afraid she may find something I don't want her to.

Thanks again everyone
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