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Try contacting your local SJA about orientation and evaluations... it's actually surprising how many dogs excel at this. The evaluations are actually only half about the dogs themselves (mainly to see how they deal with certain circumstances), and half about the handlers and how they work with the dogs. There were a couple at Dusty & Groucho's evaluation that I'd call "high strung" as well, but they handled all the situations presented quite well.

All it costs is a $20 signup fee, and a few hours of your time... plus, having something constructive to do may be what your guys need to mellow them out a bit! Worst case, you find out what areas of behavior you need to work on, and try again later. As they said in our classes, "nobody fails, but not everyone will pass today". As it was, only one dog didn't make it through, because he growled at the evaluator.
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