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Any other therapy dogs in here?

St. John Ambulance had a booth set up at the Doggie Dash last fall (local fun-run event), so we signed up our three little monsters... they finished their certification in December and we've been visiting a seniors' home with them weekly ever since... needless to say, they're all quite the hit, and there's a regular group that gathers in the lounge after dinner every Tuesday waiting for us

If anyone's looking for a volunteer opportunity that doesn't take a lot of time and gives your dog something constructive to do (as Cesar would say, a working dog is a happy dog), I highly recommend looking into a therapy dog program, either through SJA or whatever other local outfit.

We get our official shirts and kerchiefs for the pups this weekend; I'll post some pics with everyone all decked out once we have them!

BTW, if you haven't seen it, the site has an article on the topic:
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