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Hi BenMax:

I think the THS likely would be happy to allow a reputable rescue to take over. Venus has been in the shelter (this go-round) since July.

Venus has been attending regular external training classes with a volunteer handler who adores her. She has been evaluated by that trainer, as welll as by the Canine Behaviour Specialist at the THS, who is a certified trainer, and an extraordinary natural talent when it comes to dog training and handling (we are incredibly lucky to have him--he is universally admired by the volunteers).

I don't want to go in-depth into her behaviour issues here, because it falls outside my competence, but if anyone wants to know more they can contact the THS and ask for Shaswar.

I don't know if I mentioned already that whoever adopts Venus will be provided with lifetime training and behavioural support by the THS.

If you go to the youtube video and click on the SpecialNeedsPetsON page, there are several other videos, including vids of Venus doing training exercises with volunteers.

(There are also videos of two other adoptable special needs dogs: Hercules the senior JRT, and Murphy the young GSD/Collie X). We hope to post more as time goes on, including some special needs kitties.
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