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Thanks for the suggestions Rainbow and for asking Hazel. Yesterday he was hungry and ate his food well. I was unable to find anything to raise his bowl on that would hold it in place so I held his bowl while he ate. I split his food into two meals so he didn't get too much in his stomach at one sitting. Each time,he gobbled up his food but had to go outside after half a bowl. Then stupid me gave him a large bone we had bought him a few weeks ago several hours later while we were watching TV and he ate it, then barfed it up. At least his food didn't come up too.Hi gums are very pale but he does seem to have some energy and is more than willing to go outside in the snow. His hind end is fairly strong and he is able to go up and down stairs without incident. He was really tired last night and went to bed early but seems fine today.

I only gave him rice and beef with his metacam and vitamins the last two days because I didn't want to upset his stomach but because his gums are pale I'm going to add the liver today and hope he can keep it down. I am really cautious about what I give him now because I think it's more important that he get some food into him and keep it there than what I give him. Unfortunately it appears the herbs won't get added back in because I think they caused him to barf. The other thought I had is that the tumour may be encroaching on his stomach and there isn't much room for food so small frequent meals it is. His comfort is more important to me than treating the cancer. I've kept the vitamin/mineral combo in his food because I'm sure he needs it. He still seems happy and painfree but is more tired than he was. If adding the liver causes him to barf I'll have to stick to beef and rice or chicken and rice.

It seems we have two steps back, one forward then half of one back. I certainly won't give him anything extra tonight like a bone...duh

Thanks everyone for being there for us,
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