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things are ok

So yesterday was Lucy's first day home by herself (We got her about 8 days ago). My wife and I work and kids are in school. Kids left the house in the am around 8:00 and I went home about 11:30 to check on Lucy (and the state of my house!) and let her out for a quick bathroom break - what an angel! She had full run of the house and she didnt chew anything and she didnt use the washroom. Kids came home at about 3:00 and took her for a quick walk. At dinner time, I brought Lucy to the room that I feed the cats and she went to the down position as I scooped the food into the dishes for the cats. Unfortunately, one of the cats came into the room behind Lucy and Lucy went after him - So I need to work on that scenario. I will have my son scoop the food while I stay with Lucy on her leash and call the cats into the room.
Lucy has such a great foundation but she needs improvement in many areas - as does my family.
- She does come when called most times but she does ignore at times
- She does drop a ball when we say "off" most times but give her a bone and she is very protect of it - she wont drop it and threatens to be agressive when I try to take it out of her mouth
- she pulls on her leash
- she struggles with the "wait" command ( I do this when putting food down for her)
- she jumps up when greeting (she is quick to calm down though).

We as a family need to be consistent in our training methods. I almost feel like we need to almost start all over with her. I have never really had a dog that would "come" everytime and I dont know how to do it. I do reward with treats when she comes but like I said she is sometimes selective when she comes.

I am thinking we all would benefit from and obedience class.
Thoughts? suggestions?
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