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Aggression with Food - Help!

Hi There,
We just recently adopted a 1.5 year old female black lab mix from the SPCA. She is turning out to be a great dog, very respectful of us humans and does not pay a lot of attention to our existing 2 cats. They have been introduced and as to be expected, the cats were timid at first and batting at the dog if they felt she was too close. The dog will avoid the cats if she needs to go down the hall past them or up the stairs. Se seems really good except when there is food involved. We have the cats dishes in a seperate room that the dog cannot access with us letting her in. Well one day the dog didnt eat all her food and there was some on the floor. One of the cats went to the food to sniff and the dog lunged at him growling and snapping. Then, this morning, I was putting food in the cats dishes and the dog was behin d me and the dishes but when the cats walked in the room - the dog again lunged at them snapping and showing a lot of aggression. I cannot find anywhere online howw to correct this isuue - only find if the dog is aggressive to humans which she is not. Please help!
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