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Thanks again everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. Last night he finally came out at treat and TV time. I had his favorite treats, soft chicken drumsticks, and broke each one into 4 pieces. I also had his food there too that I had kept in the fridge and warmed before I gave it to him. I alternated the treats with the food by giving him his food by offering it to him on a spoon and he finally started to take some of it. I was able to get all of the treats and most of the food and medication into him and he went back to bed at bedtime. He was very tired but also insisted on going outside to pee. He was able to get in and out down the stairs without incident so I guess he wasn't as weak as I thought. I went to bed thinking he might not be with me in the morning but when I wakened he was out in the living room barking at one of the cats. So even though he looked really tired and weak, he went outside without a problem.

Later i put together a mixture of rice,ground beef, liver, and chicken broth with his metacam, vitamin and mineral supplement and UBA vet but no herbs or sardines and put it on the floor. (about half of the amount I would normally feed him). He went to his bowl slowly sniffing all the way as though he was afraid of what I had in it. He tentatively started to eat it, then finished it completely over about half an hour. I had hoped that it would stay dow but just a few minutes ago he vomited up about half of it again.

So I started writing this update thinking we might have dodged another bullet but only time will tell if that's so.

I don't want to give him any treats tonight or more food, but I might offer him just some rice and broth to see if he can keep it down.The big problem is I have made treat time a nightly thing around here, the cats get theirs at the same time and I know he'll want something ...I just don't know what to give him that he is able to keep down. Maybe some more ice cubes to start.

I know he is aware how much he's loved and appreciates everything I do for him and doesn't know he's dying.

Thanks everyone, you have no idea how much your prayers and good thoughts mean to me at this time
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