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Things don't look so good today

Sadly things don't look good starting yesterday when he vomited 3 times. I had added the new herbs the day before as well as yesterday so I don't know if that's what started this.

Today he has slept most of the day other than wanting to stay outside lying in the snow for over a half an hour. He was eating the snow as well. He got up and came to me about feeding time and I mixed up rice and chicken broth, his metacam and Uba-vet and offered it to him. He immediately got up and went back to his bed and I haven't been able to coax him out of there since. He didn't sniff or touch the food so I've put it in the fridge hoping that at treat time he'll come and try some. He also doesn't seem to be drinking either so I don't know if there is something else going on as well.

I think Monday, if he makes it that long, will be decision day I spoke to the vet on Friday with an update but at that time he was still fine and hadn't vomited yet. Please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts again

You guys have been incredible during this and I hope I am surprised again by him, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be.

A big hug to all of you
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