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as an update/updated question, upon everyone's advice/suggestions, I chose to wait until Gizme is 6 months. He loves his big stuffies (see video in another thread!) and our issues with him biting me have (mostly) disappeared. However, 6 months is approaching, so I'll be making the appointment to get him snipped. So the updated question part is this: I plan to take at least the day of the surgery off to be with him, of course, but how quickly should he recover and be safe to leave alone for the 8 hours I'm at work? I had my dog neutered, but at the time I only worked part time, plus I lived at home so between all our schedules, he was never left alone, so I can't recall. Getting time off is no problem, I'm fortunate to have vacation time, I'm just wondering how many days I should plan to be with him.
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