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Originally Posted by pbpatti View Post
Did you get any sledding in during that time? patti
Yep! Still getting some in now and then, although it's mostly been too cold for sledding. Instead, the dogs and I have been doing laps around the yard to stay warm. *insert :huffing-puffing smiley: here*

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Is it a very slow job? You must get sick of it.
Our snow dragon makes pretty quick work of it, and most of what we've gotten since has been so light we didn't need to disturb the dragon for it. I rarely get sick of snow--as long as we get clean layers frequently, it can last for as long as it wants. As you can imagine, though, the snow gets pretty yellow here pretty frequent snow falls are good.

Originally Posted by BMDLuver View Post
Anyone is welcome to the snow we have here! I have to start the snow dragon here today and it's not a lovely one like Hazel's DH has I'm afraid. It's an old heavy beast that terrifies me to use but I can't shovel for three hours either!
We have one like that, too...rarely take it out anymore now that we're in the country. We used to use it on the walks and drives at our old house--but the drive was much shorter than the one here. Now, if we get less than a couple inches at a crack, we only shovel the deck and let the rest go (no sidewalks out here to clear).

And it's so nice to see you back on the forum, BMDLuver! Been a while!!!

Originally Posted by Shaykeija View Post
Your dragon looks hungry..want me send him some white food?
Yes, you may! When can I expect it?
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