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A very happy outcome!!

I have to share this story as it gave me goose bumps!

A coworker of mine was working at home yesterday. It was early in the morning and she was working away but felt like someone was looking at her. She turned her head and looked through one of her windows and there were 2 German Shepherds staring back at her. She got up from her desk and they started to move away from her window. They trotted off down the back of her property. She watched them as they trotted away. At the back of her home there is a large pond. The 2 GSD’s trotted across the frozen pond…She continued to watch and then all of a sudden one of them broke through the ice….it frantically tried to get out but could not. The remaining one on land began to bark and go crazy. My friend immediately ran outside (in her pj’s) hopped in her car to try to find a neighbour down the road to help her…no one was around but she managed to flag a man down on the road and he told her he would help her.

They got back to the property and pulled out a ladder to try to get out as far as the dogs were on the pond…it was too short…the ran looking for a longer ladder. In her frantic moments trying to find someone she called 911.

They managed to find a 30ft ladder and lay it on the pond. The man she flagged down was just about to crawl across the ladder when the fire department arrived.

One fireman went out and was able to save the dogs life. He brought it back into her house and they used a hair dryer to warm the dog up..(they were really worried about the dogs heart!)

The police arrived and the dogs did have tags so the officer called Animal Control and they advised the police officer that they were not able to give out any information but that they would contact the owners.

The other GSD stayed around the property and wouldn’t leave but wouldn’t let anyone get near it either. Once all of the people started to leave my frind opened her garage to show the other dog that its mate was okay….it slowly began to trust her and she managed to get it in the garage as well.

Long story short the owners were located. They lived 5km away from her. Apparently the dogs stay in the garage while the owners are away and there kid didn’t close the door properly on Monday. They had been lost since Monday and this happened on Wednesday.

I found this story amazing….to think of her looking out the window at the exact moment the dog fell through the ice? What if she wasn’t around? The pup would have died for sure and the owners would never have know the fate of their pet??

She certainly was their Angel that day!

And so were the firemen!!
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