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Why is my kitten doing this?

After a UTI scare my kitty is back to a clean bill of health.
But recently I've noticed several litter problems, first is he will cry until he gets my attention then proceeds to lead me downstairs to his litter box where he will then use his litter box. If I dont follow him he will pee in the dog bed upstairs. (he no longer has blood in urine and no longer is in pain)
Now problem 2 is when he uses his litter he won't cover it up, he digs before hand but then when he's done, he digs on the top rim of the box, so at least he has the instinct, I tried guiding his paw but he resists.
We have a total of 3 cats and 3 litter boxes which I keep very clean.
I need help please he is a great cat.
(if it matters he is part Siamese)
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