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Thanks Scottiedog I am always surprised to hear that I am unusual when it comes to my adopted pets. I love them all no matter how long they've been with me and I hope others are the same but I do know they aren't Since I found out after I adopted him that he was actually 12 yrs old, not 11 as I had been told, I have wanted more time with him. Since he is part beagle and part spaniel, beagles often live to 17 from what I've read. I hoped he would last at least a couple of years. Now with this diagnosis I'm celebrating each day he is with me and doing everything I can to give him the best treatment possible.

I don't know if the herbs will help but I added Slippery Elm to the mix yesterday. He is still eating well and wants treats and his car rides. He seems stronger at present and is taking on the cats for his position in the family.

Something makes me wonder about his diagnosis, his fur seems to be getting thicker and shinier than it was before I started the diet. I wonder how his fur can look and feel so healthy when he is supposedly dying. Maybe the diet, herbs and other supplements are working to reduce the tumour cells or something. Whatever it is I hope his insides are being treated the same

I can't find any information about what happens to their fur when a dog has cancer but if it's like a human, their hair looks lifeless and dull usually when they have cancer. Does anyone have any information about it? I'd really like to know.
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