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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Rgeurts -- I think you mentioned before that Nanook has a limp from the steroids??? Timbers limp is, I believe, the right front leg and I wonder if it is coming from the shoulder/spinal area but hard to tell. I was told by the natural healing rehab vet to not stop exercising however I am finding that exercise seems to make it worse.
Nanooks is the left front leg, shoulder and paw. They believe the reason for his limp is that the steroids cause loss of muscle and the tendons become "loose". In some of his pictures you can see that instead of standing upright on the paw, his little leg from the ankle down was actually laying flat on the ground. It has corrected quite a bit, but he still has a bad limp. I don't think it hurts him most of the time, but once in awhile he will step and just scream... it tears my heart out

Dr. Marsden and Dr. Milan both told us not to exercise him too much. They said to take him for very short walks and slowly work our way up to 15 minutes max. He can play at daycare but has to be with only 1 dog at a time and it can't be with a hyper puppy. He also has to take a lot of breaks in between. Nanook is insanely intelligent and gets bored so easy so Dr. Milan also suggested setting up a small obstacle course with chairs and different items and walk him through figure 8's etc to give him a good mental workout and it will also excersice him, but won't overdo it. Someone reccomended hydro-therapy. I'll be talking to Dr. Marsden about that on Friday. I can say that when we overdo it, I notice his limp gets much worse and he has more pain.
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