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Incredible Shirley.

Ok here is mine. Though people don't know me as in 'know me', I am truthful..I swear. So here it goes..yep - to the non believers, you might as well get that white jacket ready and waiting.

A friend of mine was travelling on a main highway with his dog. They got into a very serious accident during the snow storm. The friends skull was cracked open requiring brain surgery...the dog was ejected from the vehicle and could be found no where..but there were doggie foot prints going into the woods.

After days and then weeks of us looking for the dog, the snow started to melt, and soon we lost track. We checked the pounds, shelters, called vet clinics, put up name it, we did it. sightings and everything went cold.

After 2 weeks, we lost complete hope of ever finding the dog alive. It was cold and we did not know if there was any serious injury as we found no traces of blood.

My GF called an animal communicator. I told her to stop being ridiculous and she said if she did not try, then she would never forgive herself. So..she did and this is what we were told:

The dog is alive. He is frightened and scared. He made his way through the woods (we never told her this) and is located near a cylo (spelling..sorry). He is near a farm. Hungry and cold.

We checked around and could not locate this place. The communicator called a few days later and said that the dog is warm, feed and still afraid. He is lying in straw or shavings. He also has an injury to the front leg. We needed to check a road with a building off to the side. Other animals were there.

We immediately went to the pound which we checked every 3 days. Low and behold he was there. In a corner, afraid. I called his name and he ran to the front of the cage with tail blazing. He had an injury to the front paw.

That is story # 1!
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