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Whoa!! Spooky....but obviously true.

I just had a lady who I had just met for the first time at a club meeting...a "professional psychic" ...I guess that means she charges for her readings...anyway, I asked her, what do you see around me?
I never met her before, really did not know anyone there as it was my first meeting and she said "there are alot of cats around you that have passed on..she then went on to describe at least 5 previous cats...which could have been any cats...but she was persistent about the really big fluffy white one that died so suddenly he didnt know he had passed over for quite a while. I was kind of shocked, because, 1. she did not know me or my history with cats and 2. Dexter, a big old fluffy white cat, died very suddenly at the vet's office while they were trying to revive him after cardiac arrest from cardiomyopathy!
Maybe it was a guess...but I sure would like to see this woman again!
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