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Cat Question

My mother's boyfriend has cat, he let the cat (skipper-outside cat) out in the cold weather and in 10 inches of snow out and didn't come back for three days didn't even eat anything or sleep at all. On the 3rd day he came back frozen and frost bitten and now is unable to pee. He is in the animal hospital with a cathiter ( I think that is how u spell it) on his private part so that he can pee and empty his bladder. Dispite it he is a healthy cat. The doctor in the animal hospital to the owner that the poor sweet cat needs to be "put down" because he is unable to pee on his own is going to be given medication so that there will be bladder movement and be able to pee. Does the cat need to be "put to sleep" because of the bladder blockage because of being out in the cold weather for three days or given medication to be able to pee and empty his bladder. And what type of medication will this cat need to take?
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