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Originally Posted by ihavefeet View Post
Do you think it's more likely that he has adopted this new behaviour as a result of feeling "off" from his infection, or that he's lived with me long enough to know that I'm not going to hurt him if he makes me mad (as others have done in the past, no doubt) and so he's trying to push his boundaries with me? It seems to me that I might want to approach the situation differently, depending on what it was that triggered it?.
I don't know if the infection/ felling off and subsequent treatment has anything to do with this behaviour - this is something that you should bring up with your vet though - it does not hurt to ask. I'm not going to venture an opinion from this point of view because I'm not a vet.

As for pushing boundaries - is this the only change in attitude you have noticed? If he's getting a bit more "cheeky" in general - yes, that might signal that he's getting confortable with you and testing boundaries - nothing wrong with that, as long as you make sure to set them, of course, and teach him what is acceptable and what not. You can't go wrong to get back to basics and treat him like a puppy until you both are happy with the results.
But; if this is the only thing that changed, then you're right to keep searching for what triggered it.

Originally Posted by ihavefeet View Post
Also, sometimes if I walk really quickly and pull him along with me, eventually he'll give in and not resist. (He wears a harness, so I'm not hurting his neck.) However, I'm reluctant to do this, unless I'm trying to get home and have run out of treats, because I'm not sure if it is counter-productive or not?
Thanks again.
It is a bit counter-productive because, inherently, you will get frustrated and Satchmo will pick up on it and get even more nervous - thus a never-ending circle. Plus, it's tiring for both of you...and annoying...
Of course, once in a blue moon you will have to do this, but the important thing is to try to minimize the occurences. It will happen, of course, that you will get into a battle of the wills with him and you're the one who should win ( you're the "parent that knows better ) and will have the patience to get this solved.

Oh, and feel free to come here and vent when things get set-back . It helps
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