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We had a similar issue with Thorin. We actually boarded him at a vet clinic because he will not eat/drink when we are away. I won't get into the whole thing, but I called to check on him and the girl told me he hadn't eaten OR drank the entire time, and that she would prefer if I just came and picked him up. We hadn't left town, but had family visiting with small children. When we got there he had severe muscle atrophy, dehydration, diarrhea, and was stained yellow/brown all the way down his side (he was there for 5 days, but was scheduled for 9). They hadn't walked him at all. They were given our cc number to give him IV etc if he needed it and were told to call us immediately if there was anything wrong, which they didn't do. I think the only saving grace for him was his age. He was only about 6-7 at that time. The completely appaling thing is that it was an actual vet clinic. They showed no remorse for his condition and just seemed to be totally put out. He spent the rest of that day and night at his regular vet on IV. It took him several days to get back to normal. We will never leave him or Nookie again. If they can't go, we won't go.

I hope your girl recovers. It may hve just been a lot harder on her due to age. I would definitely take her in for a geriatric blood panel just to make sure organs etc are ok.
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