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Wow, lots of news!! So glad that Timber is still doing well overall. Seems like those blood tests took forever

To be honest, when I heard that she was off the doxy, I expected the platelets to drop. Same thing happens with Max. Great that the RBC is holding and the WBC has come down (is it normal now?).
I am absolutely shocked that the vet would want to put Timber back on steroids. She just doesn't "get it"

This entire process really is life changing, and very likely changes how you look at a lot of this medical stuff.

I think it's great that you contacted the researcher. I've been thinking about the meaning of "chronic". We have seen these chronic disease states on the tick list from dogs treated for anaplasmosis. So I guess the question really is, whether the infection is really cleared, and that makes sense to me. I think the disagreement may lie in how "easy" it is to eliminate the organisms throughout the body.

I think any disease process that the immune system is responsible for keeping in check will flare when the body is stressed, no matter what. He seems to make a distinction between anaplasmosa and ehrlichia, interesting, perhaps a lot more to learn there!

And the most important thing, so glad that Timber is doing so well. With the weight gain and vocalization, how great to have her back

I hope that the limp gets better, but in the grand scheme of things, Timber with a limp is soooooooooooo much better than no Timber at all. I was getting really worried when we hadn't heard from you. Often that's terrible news. What a relief!
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