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Originally Posted by diandpat View Post
I was just wondering if any of you out there with older dogs wake them to eat or just go with the flow?

The vet told us it is not unusual for older dogs to be up in the night, which Ginger often is. Sometimes she needs to go out to urinate but mostly she just lies there with her head up watching shadows on the walls I guess.

If you notice the time now, it is almost noon and she still has not had breakfast. They usually all eat between 7-8 a.m. and dinner at 4ish. The kicker is, even if she eats at noon she is still all gung ho at 4 to eat her dinner

Was just wondering if others have this situation and how you are handling it? I don't want to force feed her if she is not ready to eat because she has a greart appetite and I know how important it is for her to eat well.

Thanks for any insights.
Our Peaches has started to reverse a trend in her morning eating habits as well....
Years ago,when she was much younger ( before we gave Rusty his forever home) she would only eat once a day , usually EITHER in the A.M. Or P.M. , sometimes skipping a day,basically whenever she wanted....
When Rusty came into the picture ,she started to eat with him twice a day ( A.M.&P.M.) both times before going out on their walks.
After her kidney & infections last year, force-feeding her with a tube was whole different situation but returned to her twice a day eating routine ....Untill about three weeks ago, that is...
Gradually she has refused to eat her breakfast until well into the morning , sometimes 2 hours after walk ( I wake her ).
Sometimes she will skip the A.M. feeding altogether & now will only eat her dinner later after her walk...
We have changed dry holistic, which she does like but has always preferred to have a little wet-type on top....
We have had to change wet brands back& forth as well...
Peaches will sleep through the night but can toss & turn or change locations a couple of times maybe just to feel more comfortable ( lumps & bumps )
Have you checked to see in her mouth if a tooth might be bothering her or maybe it is kidney related ?
We know it is frustrating but the key thing is that she is eating heartily at some point on a daily basis , just a little rough on you guys to feel like that it is part of a "normal routine "
At their age we just try to go with the flow...

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