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Lightbulb Known health issues- cause for more???

Hi, I'm new to this forum. Anyway, about three months ago my friend's mother saw a car run over the paw of a kitten. She rescued the kitty (Now named Fiat) and brought her to the vet.
We found out that[*]She had a bad flea infestation[*]Her paw, and most of the leg, were completely crushed[*]She had worms and ear mites[*]She had problems with her digestion, causing diarrhea and other nasties.

Thank G-d, we took care of most of these things. Fiat is now an adorable, inquisitive 4 mo. old kitten. She has no problems with using the paw, which is now fine, and she recently had the first of the required shots and treatment for the ear mites.

Recently, however, I noticed that she emits little dollops of green diarrhea, without even noticing it. Is this cause for concern? I'm thirteen years old, but I pay all of her medical bills and completely take care of her, so I really would like to know.

PLEASE NOTE: Fiat lives in my backyard, where I set up a bed and shelter for her. As I live in Israel, we don't have as many safety problems with this, and she never ventures out of the backyard. She eats dry food and has fresh water. Is there anything I should look out for?

Thank you,
Rachelle Aviv Goldberg
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