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Originally Posted by abs914 View Post
I'm copy/pasting a tiny portion of an email my vet sent. She basically summed up what the radiology report said since I could barely understand anything it said.

"To summarize the medical jargon for you, the tumor goes from the front to the very back of his nose. It has eroded through bone on the sides of the nose, the bottom (top of his mouth), and the bone that separates the nose from the brain"

It's so good that you'll have family there--both for you and for Cody. I think I would leave your Bichon home, though, unless they're really dependent on each other or unless the vet comes out to the house. In our experience, dogs are often not impressed with death. The vet came out to the house for Evan, and Priscilla showed no interest at all. But she also was a very independent girl.

Another option for the ashes--if there was some place that Cody loves to go play at or hike through, maybe scatter them there? Not sure what the cemetery would say about burying Cody's ashes there, but if it were my dog, I'd sure want them near! My take is, what the cemetery doesn't know won't hurt them.

I wish you strength through your ordeal tomorrow. You are giving Cody the best farewell gift of all--an easy passage, surrounded by family, carrying their love with him to the Bridge. It's the best last gift we can give any of our loved ones.

You, your family, and especially Cody, are in my thoughts and prayers tonight!
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