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I'm sitting next to Cody in his bed right now. Leaving soon to get him a burger for dinner.

Last night, I did not get a second of sleep. I've been up since 8am yesterday and somehow don't feel tired.

I keep reading online that I need to be calm. Not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I will try my hardest. I'll be popping quite a few anti-anxiety pills before the appointment.

My dad, both of my brothers, and my sister-in-law will be there. The room will probably be a bit crowded. I'm wondering if I should be bringing my other Bichon? Or just leave him at home?

We're trying to decide what to do about his body after the fact. The whole cremation thing doesn't sit well with me. Tomorrow morning I'm going to place some calls to some pet cemeteries. If that doesn't work out, I think I'm going to just bring the ashes with me to Florida. My mom is buried there, so I'll stick em right next to her. Not really sure if I'm supposed to be doing that lol. Nobody in my family wants to keep the that's our only thought.
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