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Need Support

Well I have had such a bad two weeks. I have a dog thats 15 and Im having daily panic attacks and aniety knowing its the end of life for him. Don't get me wrong. He still will eat, goes outside by himself and does get excited when I come home from work but I can tell he is really slowing down. He has a real bad heart and mostly he sleeps. But Im obcessed with him. If he has a day that he sleeps alot I think this is it hes done. THen he has his good day and he is up alot and excited to see me and I feel ok he is fine. My husband thinks im crazy and said just leave him alone and let him live out his days and stop thinking everyday is his last. I think I almost gave him a heart attack today because he was outside and I went to see where he was and I scared him and he jumpted in two feet of snow. The time I got to him he is crying and I picked him up and he was all limp. Of course I said this is it he is having a heart attack. I know I know I need to see a councelor. Anyone else having a hard time coping with a aging pet. Thanks for your time Mindy
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