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Cody does seem pretty okay. He still plays, eats, and drinks normally. He may sleep during the day a bit more than usual, but that could be because he's not getting much rest at night.

The breathing issue is the biggie for me. Our vet said he's only able to use like 25% of his nose to get oxygen. Weight is also an issue. When I pet him now, I can feel his spine. He was weighed in at 17 lbs yesterday. Healthy Cody is about 19.5-20.

His first nose bleed since April was on Nov 29, then he had one on Dec 16, and the most current on January 5. (mark the dates in my blackberry). If he's kept calm, they last maybe 5-10 minutes.

I think the good times do outweigh the bad. But at the same time, for all I know, he hates his life right now. We should be getting the radiology report back on Monday and that will tell us how close the tumor is to the brain. If it's close, we have some serious thinking to do. I really don't want it to get to the point where he has a seizure. For his sake, and my own. I'd freak out lol.

Sometimes, I do think he he looks a bit sad. But generally he's pretty happy...enjoying car rides, begging people for food, hitting me with his paw for a belly rub, playing with my other dog. That's why when I found out the news over the phone yesterday, I was an absolute mess...but the second I saw him come running to me at the vet's office last night, all was well again. But, all isn't well...and that absolutely sucks big time.
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