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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Thanks everyone!

I also wanted to ask your opinions on the panacur for giardia. I haven't given it yet because I wanted to wait until Timber was off the doxycycline and feeling better.

I received it in a liquid form and am to give 13.7 ml once a day for three days. Has anyone else used the liquid? Seems like a lot to give and so I'm wondering how I will manage disguising it.

So glad to see things are looking up and Timber is slowly getting back to normal

As for the liquid version of the panacur, I used it for both Thorin and Nanook a few months ago. We REALLY struggled for the first day and a half... until I figured out how to do it lol. Ours wouldn't take it in food or water, and you have to be very careful just shooting it into the mouth as they could inhale it. We fought (literally) with Nookie trying to get his mouth open enough to get the syringe in. That is, until, hubby held him and I just pulled his bottom lip out and squirted it (very slowly) between his back molars and cheek. We did the same for Thorin and it worked well

Neither one seemed to mind that... but try to pry their mouths open... forget it
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