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Don't know of any Dogo specific forums, but you can try the or any other protection sport oriented forum, you should be able to find some Dogo people on those.

Originally Posted by Bastien View Post
I know that dogo's are only white, but ive seen the odd one with a bit of black and was purebreed dogo with papers maybe the dad is not 100% pure tho.... but thats what the breader said. And on the papers to.

Im not saying your wrong lol Thanks
Perhaps a clarification on "papers" as they refer to a dog is needed. For most people "papers" refers to a registered pedigree with a recognizable kennel club. This would state the dog's breed and list the dog's family tree for the past 6 generations. Since the Dogo is not a breed recognized by the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), you would not be able to have a CKC pedigree. Most likely you may have an FCI pedigree, perhaps UKC?

"papers" in this context does not refer to a receipt, contract, or any guarantee the "breeder" may have given you when you purchased the pup. If the dad is not 100% pure, he can't by definition have papers. He can also be 100% pure bred and yet not have papers, but never the other way around.

As others have stated, your dog will unfortunately be at risk of persecution due to the Ontario BSL (breed specific legislation). If the "papers" you have are not actual recognizable pedigree papers where the dog has been tattooed or microchipped to correspond to his pedigree papers, what ever other paper work you may have may be completely useless as far as animal control is considered. A vet bill stating your dog's breed is not a great document to rely on. Vet receptionists enter the wrong breed into their computers all the time. It is by no way a document that legally guarantees the dog's parentage. I also don't believe there is a DNA marker available for the Dogo breed, so DNA would not be an option in proving the breed. It's sad, and it's ridiculous, but I would be very careful as it only takes one stupid person to report your "pit bull" for no apparent reason, they don't even have to be telling the truth, and you dog can be legally seized and put down before you even have a chance to request a trial.
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