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Just updated the image URL. It should be loading now.

Thanks, guys! I had seen that article too and was thinking that might be it. The upper lip lesion certainly looks similar, though these new red bumps don't look like anything on that page.

She is fed out of a ceramic bowl, which I clean once every morning. The water is in a plastic bowl. I've read some things about using all ceramic instead of plastic, so could this be a problem maybe?

Food-wise, she is on a diet mix of Wellness canned food (the Chicken and Turkey flavors) and Fancy Feast's Turkey & Giblets canned food. In the mornings, we have an automatic feeder that dispenses Evo hard food (about 1/4 cup between her and another cat) so she won't bug us (when she doesn't eat, she likes to climb on us and wake us up heh).
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