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Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Marko, I have a Old Olympics C-720 ultra zoom...I think it is about 8 years old. I know I have been able to take pics of the full moon by adjusting the shutter speed etc. I did that many years ago when I first got it. LOL

Is this a point an shoot too? I do know that I can adjust stuff instead of using the dial thingy, though I would have to read the manual again as I forget how.
Looks like a point and shoot to me. Just as an FYI, point and shoots are not bad. I have one that I love. (The canon G11) In MANY cases you cannot tell the difference between an image taken with a good P&S and a DSLR. But for pet photography...point and shoots are terrible because they usually have a shutter lag. This means you press the button and you wait for a second - maybe you fire some anti-red eye beam at the pet. But by that time, the pet has already decided to book a trip online and your shot is blurry. With a dslr - there is no lag so you can catch your pet CRISPLY. DSLRs also have autofocus that is VASTLY superior to P&S.

Originally Posted by exkalibur View Post
It's a good practice to leave the lens on unless you have to switch to a different one, because it minimizes the chances of having dust or pet hair (not that anyone of us would have that issue) contaminating the mirror or sensor in your camera.
This is mostly true except if you have long zooms. In those cases leaving them attached too long and transporting the bag in a car where the bag may shake, can damage the mounting between lens and camera.

Originally Posted by exkalibur View Post
By the way Marko....You might have just created a monster with this thread... I think this topic would really be worthy of having it's own sub forum.
Lol - good thing it's done! Again feel free to continue in this thread or feel free to start another with your own particular question.

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