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Cat Suddenly Vomitting

I'm not sure what to do about my cat Madison. She seems to be having trouble keeping raw meat meals down.

Almost three weeks ago she started vomiting shortly after meals. At this time she was eating commercial raw chicken patties. She had transitioned from dry food to eating raw well, and was doing fine for a month when suddenly the vomiting began.

I took her to a holistic vet, and he told me that her throat is irritated either from vomiting or an infection. (He felt her throat, and she coughed when he rubbed it) So, he gave her to take antibiotics for 2 weeks and told me to feed her wet canned food during this time since the commercial raw patties often contain large pieces of bone which could be irritating her throat. She also had blood work done which came back normal.

So, I had Madison take the antibiotics and eat the canned food for 2 weeks. Now after those 2 weeks, she is still having problems keeping her food down. She doesn't seem to have trouble keeping the canned food down though. I also tried giving her some commercial raw llama meat (containing no bone or fruits/vegetables), but she vomited that also.

I don't think she's allergic to the chicken. I gave her some plain raw chicken, and she didn't vomit that. I even started making homemade raw meals for her using a recipe (, but she's still vomiting.

I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to give up on raw with her. Does anyone have any idea or suggestions?

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